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Some Solar Projections Forward...

Tuesday 30th of March 2010 6:05 AM

I thought that these following prognostications were interesting...wanted to share a few of my own also:

  • Consolidation throughout the PV value chain will accelerate through 2010. If you are not vertically integrating and diversifying into complete energy related services then you will not make it into 2011...or be absorbed by those whose plan is to.
  • By 2012, power purchase agreements (PPA) will be the dominant acquisition model for PV solar energy in North America. Our region currently has NO PPA arrangements in would think that with so much need (non-profits, municipalities and schools) that we would have record of one. Trust me...they are coming :-)
  • By 2013, US electric utilities will restrict use of private distributed PV generation systems. Reduced rebates (tiered to virtual elimination by 2012) and additional tax benefits to the Utilities now in play will most likely make this truth.
  • By 2013, India will supply nearly 40% of its own domestic solar PV demand. And by 2015 China will be at 20%. The US? In Calfiornia we need 100,000 homes per year to go solar in order to achieve the "Million Solar Homes" goal by 2016....and we are no way near this. How can we create jobs when we cannot create supply programs that work. Arnold keeps trying and we will keep supporting those efforts.


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