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In Short Order; The Coachella Valley Feed In Tariff

Friday 9th of July 2010 12:39 PM

How fortunate for us in the Coachella Valley that we have such renewable energy policy superstars as Jim Ferguson, Buford Crites and our Supervisor John Benoit.  In the upcoming months you will witness a rapid implementation of the renewables Game Changer called the Feed In Tariff.  We have just been informed that the CPUC (Ca Public Utilities Commission) is alarmed that the CSI program is rapidly running out of adequate funding to see the programs goals to fruition and has hence ceased processing applications for Commercial and Non-Profit solar projects until it can come up with a we have to say it any clearer?  The Feed In Tariff is THE solution to the probable derailment of the CSI Rebate Program. A "feed in tariff" (the currency rate at which electricity is fed into the power grid) has proven to be the most successful incentive for rapidly expanding the use of renewable energy technologies to levels of great success for both Citizenry as well as Governments. Feed-in tariffs have been used as a "stimulus" to jump-start the renewable energy industry in many countries.  They were widely adopted by countries in Europe such as Germany, which has repeatedly led the world in solar energy systems deployment, all because of their feed-in tariffs. Feed-in tariffs have proven to be much more successful than the Renewable Portfolio Standard that is still presently used in the U.S..  And used in tandem…with the RPS as catalyst…the acceleration to the long term benefits of renewable energy and away from the nonrenewable, non-beneficial energy generation of fossil fuels is quick and seamless. More specifically, a feed-in tariff is the price per unit of electricity that a utility or supplier has to pay for renewable electricity from private generators, such as a home owner who has, for example,  installed a solar energy system on their rooftop. Feed-in tariffs are also known as:  Electricity Feed Laws, Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs), Advanced Renewable Tariffs (ARTs) and Renewable Tariffs. Since Renova provides peak-shaving, demand side management, simple solar energy systems, solar co-generation and project development services for our residential, commercial, industrial and utility Clients, we will be helping to shape local FiT policy...which is sure to become the road map to a US FiT... and will unveil these rules to the public as they evolve. We are now working closely with our State and municipal leaders, attorneys and affiliated sources to prepare and promulgate Power Purchase Agreements (feed in tariff agreements with the Utility), Energy Purchase Agreements, Energy Service Agreements for our clients that have our company install, own and operate one of our solar energy solutions for their qualified property.  The roll-out of our Coachella Valley Feed In Tariff Map will come as a helpful tool to those interested in leasing their rooftops. Look forward to the feed in tariff...and all that this!


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