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Renova Energy Releases Coachella Valley Solar Map

Tuesday 4th of January 2011 7:27 AM

In keeping with its mission to serve as a resource for the Coachella Valley for all things related to solar energy, Renova Energy, a leading Solar Developer, has unveiled a solar system tracking program that allows users to interactively follow the development of solar photovoltaic installations throughout the region.

Designed in-house and released to the public through its free RenovaMobile App, the Renova Solar Map was built to track the installation of every solar system installed in Southern California Edison’s Valley territory. ”We have been asked by multiple individuals and organizations if there was a way to determine how far along the Coachella Valley is in terms of the total amount of solar which has been installed,” said Vincent Battaglia, CEO of Renova Energy Corp.  “Being able to easily determine the answer to this will be of benefit to cities, organizations and individuals,” he added. The tracking program was developed using proprietary software and funded entirely by Renova for open distribution through its RenovaMobile App.  “Our desire was to take the available solar installation information and provide a free easy-to-navigate portal in which to get a summary.  By integrating data from the GoSolarCalifornia website onto Google maps through a MYSQL database, we have succeeded in creating a web-based pilot program database that will be expanded to the other utility territories over the next year,” Battaglia added. Once the RenovaMobile App is downloaded and opened, users can interact within a Valley map showing installations by City.  Users can also perform a search within the Renova Solar Map program table by type of module or installer, and a complete list of all relevant installations will emerge.  Press on one of the search results, and additional related installation information will be given. The free RenovaMobile App can be downloaded from directly into user’s smartphones. This will allow users to leverage solar information specific to the Coachella Valley through the Renova Solar Estimator, as well as peruse the Renova video library. Renova Energy Corp. is the largest locally owned and operated commercial and residential Solar Developer in the Coachella Valley, offering design, financing and maintenance of solar installation.  Located in GreenZone in Palm Desert, Renova also operates the Renova Energy Academy, training area residents with classes in primary and advanced solar installation techniques and related subjects.  More information can be found at


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