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SCE's Option R

Tuesday 23rd of September 2014 4:28 PM

Commercial businesses and non-profits that go solar in Southern California Edison territory will soon have the advantage of selecting the "Option R" Time of Use (TOU) rate instead of the now available "Option B" rate.


Non-residential, medium to large-scale customers with demands between 20 kW and 4 MW in SCE rate classes GS-2, GS-3 and TOU-8 will have potential savings of around 25% by choosing Option R over the Option B starting January 2015.


Option R significantly lowers demand charges by consolidating seasonal rates and peak time rates into one. While Option R slightly increases energy charges compared to Option B, these are more than made up for in savings through the decline in demand charges.


Renova Solar can help commercial businesses and non-profits understand what their potential solar savings can be as a result of this change.






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