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The Solar Race to the Finish

Monday 30th of March 2015 11:25 AM


 As the world continues its journey through the dark tunnel many call Global Warming, it seems there may finally be alight at the end!  Humans have found themselves in a race against climate change and are lookingto renewable energy as the only hope at the finish.  Californians can be proud to be living in the Sunny State of California for more than just the beautiful weather that we hope to preserve, but also for its contribution to a sustainable future for humanity.  

California has played an important role in the fight against global warming and has proven to not only be solar friendly and solar minded, but now it seems to have some solar potential as well.  According to a study conducted by Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University, California has the potential to be even more of a viable source of energy.  The study focused only on solar generation from photovoltaic (PV) cells and concentrating solar power (CSP) and its potential for growth here in California.  Since environmental conditions can limit the use of solar due to many variables, not all land can be suitable for PV/CSP.  The study evaluated the land to determine how it compares and found that 8.1% of it is suitable for solar, which means 10,535 square miles for PV installations and 2,422 square miles for CSP installations.  This means that California has the potential to generate power for 3-5 times what it uses, although distributed generation, which is power generated on the rooftops of individual homeowners, is showing much higher rates of adoption and is of more benefit to consumers as it saves them money on their power bills that can be put back into our economy. Solar installations on commercial buildings are also scheduled to have a record year in 2015.

The California state goal is to be generating and distributing 33% of its energy from renewables by the year 2020, which will help reduce 80 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  Renova Solar is proud to be a contributor to that “light at the end of the tunnel”.

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