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Hello World!

Saturday 2nd of May 2009 2:09 AM

Welcome to the Renova Blog...please mind the "No Smoking" signs, the exits can be found at the front and at the rear of your browser and though it may seem like we are not moving very quickly, rest assured that we are. The New Energy Economy is swiftly, quietly (because we are battery powered :-) ) and quickly becoming the one, single force in our world that allows those who chose to participate to do well while doing good.

So hang on please...make notes on our virtual white board...and prepare for some thoughtful reading ranging from out of area eco-news and local energy and eco field trips to Renova's solar classes and all local energy events...all of it to help you stay in tune with what is taking place now that will effect OUR Valley and OUR local community. Let the posts begin :-)

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