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With so many solar companies, it's hard to know where to start. Here are some guidelines to get your search started off right. Let’s start with location, location, location. A local company is almost always your best bet, for a myriad of reasons. And be sure you define local as the place where a company has its headquarters. Some companies have a salesman here or a small satellite executive office and consider themselves local. Let’s consider local those that have their headquarters here. Some of the best reasons to consider local first include:

Proximity matters. If you want to talk to a consultant, and you have an appointment and your schedule changes, can they change quickly as well? If they’re coming from out of the area, the answer is no. And if you do move forward and have any technical issues, can someone get to you quickly? Are they using their own employees to install your system, or outsourcing it to whoever is available?

Long-term commitment to their customers. If a company is just “trying out” an area to see if they can generate enough sales to warrant keeping someone there, there’s not really any guarantee there will be continuing support.

Community support. Is it a company that is giving back to the community and getting involved with non-profits to help raise the quality of life for residents and animals?

Economic impact. Will your money stay local with local payrolls and local spending? It strengthens the economy for all of us when this happens.

Long term branding. A company that is based in the Coachella Valley, like Renova, cares a lot about their reputation and about making customers happy enough with their service and savings to refer their friends. An out-of-town company is generally more interested in just “making the sale.”

And assuming you're not a fan of those companies that choose to knock on your door or call you during dinner, you can eliminate those from your list as well. It’s not the right or respectful way to start a process with you for such a large purchase, or long term agreement. Stick with companies that meet the criteria above, and also enjoy a high rating on YELP. We know you'll end up happy!




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