Tuesday 6th of February 2018 1:24 PM

If you think that all solar panels still need a separate inverter, then you'll be pleased to know that's not the case. There are still companies that make DC panels, where they need to be “strung” together in rows of 6, 7 or 8 and then all the wires need to be run to an inverter that is usually mounted in your garage. The problem with those panels are threefold. First, they take away flexibility of where and how solar panels are installed on your roof. Second, most inverters have a 10-year warranty, while solar panels are generally warrantied for 25 years. And third, if one of the panels in the group gets shaded or something happens to interrupt the current, like the screen pasted wire on the front breaks down, then the whole group works less or stops working.

The better alternative now is to choose a panel like SunPower, where the inverter is built into each panel, so the entire panel and inverter is covered by a comprehensive 25-year warranty. Since each panel can operate independently, if something happens to one, it doesn’t affect the others, and there is more flexibility of how and where the panels can be installed, so sight lines can be minimized and the most efficient portions of your roof can be utilized.

The other bonus to working with an advanced panel like SunPower is that each panel produces more energy because of a patented technology, so you don’t need as many on your roof in order to offset all of your energy needs, and your savings are maximized over the life of your system or agreement. And if you choose to lease your system, you won’t pay anything down and installation is free. With Renova and SunPower, your payments are fixed for 20 years so you can lock in your savings, even while electric rates continue to rise for everyone else. Click here to learn more!




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