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Work With Us - Renova Solar Careers for 2017

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Renova is always looking for good people with solar experience, feel free to email a copy of your resume. 




Solar Consultant


Renova Energy Corp. Outside Solar Sales Consultants educates homeowners to the benefit of alternative energy.  They demonstrate the potential layout, function, and benefits of solar photovoltaic systems, water heating systems, and other energy efficiency technologies based on customer needs, taking a consultative approach to educate customers on the growing clean-energy industry.  Outside Solar Sales Consultants spend more than half of their working time away from the Company’s place of business calling on prospective customers, sometimes inviting prospective customers to the Company’s place of business for demonstration purposes.  This position requires the drive, self-motivation, the desire to help customers, confidence (without arrogance), and a high degree of professionalism to represent a product that is truly changing the world.  Outside Solar Sales Consultants are the primary external representatives of Renova. 


Renova offers a workplace that is progressive and upbeat, with great emphasis on customer satisfaction.  We promote from within and are looking for career-minded individuals who strive to advance in the growing clean-energy industry.  Renova is America’s first professionally accredited solar company and the largest provider of clean, full-service solar power plants in the Coachella Valley, providing homeowners, businesses and governmental bodies more affordable alternatives to utility generated electricity.  In 2014, Inc. Magazine named Renova the 2nd Fastest Growing Solar Company in California.



•           Pre-qualify potential customers for the sale or lease of solar photovoltaic energy systems and schedule in-home consultations. 

•           Conduct an average of 1-3 solar presentations each day. 

•           Meet or exceed sales goals with no commission caps. 

•           Submit accurate and complete paperwork in a timely fashion and work with assigned CA to ensure that this happens. 

•           Conduct follow-up calls to make sure all leads are pursued in a timely and efficient manner.

•           Interact with various company departments to ensure the customer has a positive experience with Renova. 

•           Keep in close contact with your customers throughout the “going solar” process to ensure a consistent and positive experience. 






 Journeyman Electrician

Job Type: Full Time


The Journeyman Electrician reports directly to the Project Supervisor. The Journeyman Electrician is charged with providing customers with the highest quality installation available. Journeyman Electricians must represent the company in every action while on the job and never forget that they are in, around, or on someone's home and treat that with the utmost respect.  The Journeyman Electricians, are a key factor in the success of our company. Their dedication to performing the highest quality installation is paramount to maintaining and growing the company.


  • The Journeyman Electrician’s primary responsibility is crew's safety and well-being.
  • Install and secure all safety equipment (ladders, flags, brakes, mats) prior to start of work.
  • Be fully prepared for work with all proper tools and equipment.
  • Upgrade electrical panels and/or downsize breakers as required on each job site installation.
  • Understand and perform the solar array layout, install the inverter and monitoring and be able to troubleshoot any problems.
  • Remove and reinstall roof tiles.
  • Install rails, racking, and modules.
  • Bending conduit and wiring.
  • Keep the job site clean and orderly at all times.
  • Take all necessary pictures to accommodate all requirements of NEM/ Lease.
  • Act in a professional and courteous manner when dealing with the public.
  • Keep track of and maintain tools daily and report any lost, stolen, broken, defective or faulty tools.
  • Keep appearance and hygiene presentable and wear proper attire.


Desired Qualifications:

  • Solar installation experience

Mandatory Qualifications: 

  • CA Journeymen Card
  • OSHA 10
  • Agility and grace in working on rooftops
  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds
  • Work outdoors in extreme conditions
  • Drug Free
  • Clean Driving Record
  • Microsoft Office Suite knowledge                                                                                                 














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