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Learn to ask the right questions when considering solar.
The panels are the most important component for your system. Where are they made? How reliable is the company? How easy will it be to communicate with the company if there are issues in the future?
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How are the panels made?
What is conducting the electricity? Is it metal that has been "screen printed" on the front or copper on the back like SunPower? What will happen if the front is damaged - will it continue to work?
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How long will the panels last?
A warranty should be at least 25 years, but if you are purchasing you want a panel with the longest possible expected life. SunPower panels have an expected life of 40 years, and they degrade at the slowest rate among all panels, which means they will be generating the most energy for you now and in three decades.
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How are the panels being installed?
While the panels themselves are the most important component, how they are installed matters as well. Is there some space between the panels and the roof for adequate airflow to help with the effects of desert heat? Does the installer know to use double 8 gauge wire so it will stand up to our harsh conditions?
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