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Solar can improve your bottom line.
Why let high electric bills cut into your margins? Let energy from solar lower your costs and help keep your business healthy. Opportunities like accelerated depreciation help make solar even more affordable.
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Green is Good Marketing.
When you install solar, you also let customers know that you're doing your part to help the environment. In fact, research shows that many customers would buy from a business because of the behaviors of the business itself.
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Different Ways to Go Solar.
With Renova, you can purchase your solar system outright, or we can help you arrange financing. We can even help you benefit from solar with no money out-of-pocket through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where you simply purchase the less expensive energy generated by the solar panels on your roof or on your grounds.
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Solar + Storage Adds Even More Options.
In conjunction with your solar, you may choose to add battery storage at some point, in order to increase your savings even more. Discharge the batteries at peak usage times to avoid upper tiers, or tie to critical loads for power in the event of an outage or natural disaster.
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